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Do you really understand the Banking Products or Services you acquired? 2020-10-20

Technical Standards for China Financial Mobile Payment 2013-05-22

China Financial Integrated Circuit (IC) Card Specifications (PBOC3.0) 2013-05-22

History and Standardization of Chinese Gold Silver Coins 2013-05-22

Constructing Enterprise Fundamental Standards System Based on Comprehensive Standardization 2013-05-17

Reflections on Applications of International Standards for Financial Data Exchange in China Securiti... 2013-05-17

On the Development and Trend of Insurance Industry Standardization 2013-05-17

Research on General Financial Message Standards and Their Application 2013-05-17

Application of Management Specification of Information System Disaster Recovery for Banks at Agricul... 2012-03-31

Data centralization has brought the advantages of lean operation and management to banks but meanwhile the risks of information system also have come along and aggregated, which means there is increasing pressure from the operation development of the banks on running information system non-stopped C...

Application of the Compilation of Insurance Business Codes at Insurance Companies, Intermediary Inst... 2012-03-31

The insurance industry is information intensified. The fundamental rule for insurance operations is the “law of large numbers”. Without uniform standards for information denomination, description, classification or coding, it will be difficult to exchange and share industrial information, which mean...

Application of the China Financial Integrated Circuit Card Testing Specifications 2012-03-31

The China Financial Integrated Circuit Card Specifications (Version 1.0) (hereinafter the “PBOC 1.0”) promulgated by the PBC in 1998 initiated the preparation for the testing of financial IC cards in China. In April 1998, the Bank Card Test Center was opened. During the early stage of financial IC c...

Applying China Financial Integrated Circuit Card Specifications to the Public Services Sector 2012-03-31

The China Financial Integrated Circuit Card Specifications (Version 1.0) was issued by the PBC in July 1998 to address the needs of inter-bank and cross-regional off-line transactions via bank card. Since 2000, with the initiation of EMV migration in the international community, relevant research an...

Standardization Strategy Enhancing the Competitiveness of Finance Industry in China 2012-03-31

With the rapid development of global economic integration, standards have become important methods and technical ties in the modern international economic competition and cooperation, and also important and strategic tools for improving overall competitiveness. Standardization is an activity in whic...

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