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"Personal financial Information Protection Technical Specification" financial industry standard officially released

2020年04月15日   Views

On February 13, 2020, the People's Bank of China officially released the financial industry standard "JR/T 0171-2020 Personal Financial Information Protection Technical Specification". The standard specifies the security protection requirements for personal financial information in all aspects of the life cycle, including collection, transmission, storage, use, deletion and destruction. It also provides normative requirements for the protection of personal financial information from two aspects of safety technology and safety management. The standard is applicable to financial institutions providing financial products and services, and provides a reference for safety assessment institutions to conduct security inspections and assessments.

The publication and implementation of this standard will help to standardize the personal financial information protection of financial institutions, improve the ability to prevent and control financial data risks, and promote the healthy development of Chinese financial market. It is helpful to improve the financial institutions security management level of personal account information and bank card information, strengthen the prevention and control of Internet transaction risks, prevent various types of financial transaction risks, effectively maintain financial stability, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers.

This standard was prepared by China Financial Standardization Technical Committee, proposed and drafted by the Technology Department of the People's Bank of China. Bank Card Testing Center, China UnionPay, China Nets Union Clearing Corporation, Ant financial services group, China Financial Computerization Corporation, and other institutions participated in the drafting. After extensively consultation and demonstration, this standard has passed the review of China Financial Standardization Technical Committee.

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