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The People’s Bank of China issued the China Financial Integrated Circuit (IC)Card Specifications (PBOC3.0)

2013年02月08日   Views

    Recently, The People’s Bank of China has officially issued the China Financial Integrated Circuit (IC) Card Specifications (PBOC3.0),which was revised on the basis of the China Financial Integrated Circuit Card(IC) Specifications (2010) (JR/T0025—2010).PBOC3.0complies with the latest internationally accepted technical standards, sums up experience in the promotion of domestic financial IC card, expands and improves the small non-connected payment applications, and supports dual-currency electronic cash payment application. Meanwhile, PBOC3.0 regulates IC card Internet terminal technical requirements, enriches security algorithm system.
    The upgrading of the financial IC card specification adapts to the new requirements of development of bank card business, lays the foundation for the further expanding application of the financial IC card, and has an important significance to promote financial innovation and enhance the level of financial services to the people''''s livelihood.    Tel:86-10-66199546
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