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The Annual Working Conference of CFSTC was Held in Beijing

2012年12月20日   Views

    The Annual Working Conference of CFSTC was held in Beijing on Dec.18, 2012. The meeting reviewed the work situation of CFSTC in 2012 and made the tasks of CFSTC in 2013 clear, deliberated and approved and . Li Dongrong, the deputy governor and the member of the Party committee of PBC, attended the meeting and made the speech.

    The meeting pointed out that in 2012 PBC, jointly with other financial regulatory administration institutions, organized financial institutions concerned, strengthened the work basis of the financial standardization, perfected the organizing system of financial standardization, improved the management system of financial standardizations, organized the establishment of the 3rd CFSTC and the 1st expert committee in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. During that time, PBC also speeded up the development and implementation of financial standards and was strict with the standards’ review, published and , strengthened the whole process management of the standards’ development and revision, enhanced the management level of financial standards wholly, participated the activity of international financial standardization actively and enhanced the international influence consistently. The financial standardization plays the active role in the healthy development of finance, the social and economic benefits have become more apparent.

    Li Dongrong pointed out that, due to the development of international economic and financial situation, the financial standardization work faced increasingly complicated situation. China should participate in international financial standardization activities actively. The working fields of financial standards should be consistently widened by stringent requirements. Mr. Li emphasized, the standard implementation needed to be strengthened, the management level needed to be improved, and the international influence needed to be enhanced. To cope with those current finance problems in standardization work exist at present effectively, the CFSTC should combine with the demands of the 18th CPC Central Committee, promote financial innovation and improve people’s well-being, strengthen support services of financial standardization to the reform and development of financial sector further.

    The CFSTC should improve the understanding of financial standardization, promote the work of financial industrial and enterprise standards solidly, deepen international corporation and communication comprehensively, compact and improve financial standardized operation mechanism, promote the publicity and implementation of financial standardization.

    The committee members and conference delegates of PBC, SAC, CBRC, CSRC, CFSTC member units and related standardization researching institutions attended the meeting.    Tel:86-10-66199546
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