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The 1st Expert Committee of CFSTC was established in Beijing

2012年12月10日   Views

    The 1st expert committee of CFSTC was established in Beijing on Dec.7 2012. The 1st working conference was held meanwhile. The establishment of the 1st CFSTC expert committee was reported, the working detailed rules were reviewed and adopted, and the main points of financial standardization work as well as the working plan of CFSTC in 2013 were discussed. Li Dongrong, the deputy governor of PBC and the chairperson of CFSTC attended the meeting and made the speech.

    Li Dongrong pointed out that China made remarkable progress in the financial standardization field. It has implemented the strategy of standardization and published series of financial standards. It also has played an important role in promoting information construction, interconnecting system and integrating the resources. At present, financial standards have gradually penetrated into all aspects of economic and financial activities. Social and economic benefits appear constantly.

    Li Dongrong said that, due to the development of international economic and financial situation, the financial standardization work faced increasingly complicated situation. Under such circumstances, we should enhance the implementation of financial standards that are needed urgently in domestic. International financial standards’ development and transformation needs to be concerned. We should continue to explore the new areas of financial standardization and play the whole efficiency.

    Li Dongrong emphasized that the standardization work was policy-related, professional and technical work; we should rely on the guidance and support of experts from many aspects. Giving full play to experts’ wisdom from many aspects and strengthening the experts group’ construction is the important basic guarantee of the financial standardization work. Experts should deepen the understanding and involve the activities actively, strengthen the attention of the financial standardization work, the sense of responsibility and the sense of mission.In addition to this, the experts should perform duties,offer advice and suggestions. Besides, the CFSTC should enhance financial standard quality by cultivating inter-disciplinary talents which are master in professional technology and financial standardization work.

    More than fifty experts of the first CFSTC’s expert committee attended the meeting.    Tel:86-10-66199546
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