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The National Standardization Working Conference Held In Beijing

2012年02月27日   Views

 System management, Key breakthrough and whole advancement

to promote standardization serving scientific standardization more effectively

National Standardization Working Conference was held in Beijing on 23rd – 24th, February. Mr. Zhi Shuping, director and secretary of Party group of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of PRC short for ADSIQ, and Mr. Cao Jianlin, vice minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, and Mr. Yang Xueshan, vice minister of Ministry of industry and information technology attended the meeting and made speeches. Mr. Chen Gang, Party group member of ADSIQ and the director of SAC, made the working report. Mr. Sun Xiaokang, the vice director of SAC made the conference summary. Mr. Shi Baoquan, Mr. Sun Bo and Mr. Fang Xiang, the vice directors of SAC and Ms. Yu Xinli, the chief engineer of SAC attended the meeting.

Mr. Zhi Shuping affirmed China standardization’s new achievements from four aspects of grasping quality, assuring safety, promoting the development and strengthening quality inspection. Choosing strengthening the standard and boosting the confidence as the theme, He analyzed the current international, domestic development and quality work’s new situation, new changes and new features profoundly and highlighted that standards have a bright future in boosting consumer, enterprise, government and global confidence. Mr. Zhi Shuping emphasized to grasp the characteristics of standardization in the scientific, democratic, systematic, authoritative, service from the aspect of standardization’s essence, basic connotation and features,

Firstly is to strengthen a scientific standard. We should stress and work with science, and give consideration to both advanced, validity and applicability of standard.  Not only connect with the international advanced standards, but also fit in with our country productivity level. We enforce the scientific management of the standard revise process through utilizing of scientific method and scientific achievements, and strengthen standard and technology combination. Secondly is to enhance the standard of democracy, we build a platform of democratic participation and establish a coordinating mechanism, deepen regional cooperation.

Thirdly to strengthen the systematic of the standard, we use the system management concept and method, push on the standard of comprehensive, systematic and supporting. Fourthly is to strengthen the standard authority. We should strengthen the authority of standardization management, enhance the authority of standardization implement and enhance the authority standardization design on top level. Fifthly is to enhance the service of the standard. We should accelerate the improvement of the quality hierarchy of the standard, and give a full scope to the quality basic function of standardization; to accelerate the improvement of the modern agriculture, the strategic emerging industry, the manufacturing industry, the resources of energy environment, the modern service industry and the social management and public service standard system, that was necessary for standard to better meet the needs of economic and social development.

Vice Minister Cao Jianlin made an in-depth analysis of the new situation of the science and technology innovation, and fully affirmed the achievements of the standardization in recent years. Vice Minister Cao Jianlin stressed that science and technology will boost the innovation and development of the standardization, and to strengthen cooperation, indeed play the technical standards as the guidance and protection in science and technology R & D, and to improve the channel of the rapid transform scientific achievements into standards as soon as possible,  and establish the cooperation mechanism between the management department of standard and the management department of science and technology, and work together in promoting economic society development in sound and rapid way.

Vice Minister Yang Xueshan summed up the achievements of the standardization on the industry and the communications industry in the past year, and emphasize to accelerate the essential technical standard formulation to the industry and communication industry this year,  to support industrial transition and upgrading; strengthen the technical innovation, put more the independent technology into the international standards; improve and optimize the work mechanism, improve the service support capability; pay attention to a joint collaboration, composite the forces together to promote the healthy and orderly development of the standardization.

Mr. Chen Gang reviewed the standardization work in 2011 in his report comprehensively. He pointed that constructing standardization system construction obtained new progress, participating in international standardization obtained new breakthrough, strengthening standardization management obtained new result. He addressed the general idea of standardization’s development in a period from now on, stressed adhering to the scientific development as the theme, supporting the transformation of the mode of economic development as the main line, and adhering to enhance the overall quality and efficiency of standardization development as the core objectives, adhering to the basic requirements of the " system management, key breakthrough, whole raise".

He stressed the standardization work is to innovate the work mechanism this year, construct four big mechanism of promoting the management system, strengthening the classification management, whole process management of standards’ development, integrating standard and technology closely, coordinating the standardization; to coordinate the domestic and international standardization, focus on the key breakthrough in four areas, and strive to achieve the strategic emerging industry, modern agriculture, social management and public service to participate in international standardization activities; to strengthen the four big system construction of infrastructure construction, the overall promotion, standardization policies and regulations’ perfection, standardization’s scientific and technological support, public services standardization, technical institutions of standardization and talent construction. He also stressed to take comprehensive standardization as the most important job for a period, promote the standardization to serve the scientific development more effectively.

Some directors in the departments and directors in the division of standardization in the related ministries, associations, group companies under the central government, and the leaders of the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and directors in charge of the standardization in provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, deputy provincial cities and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, and all departments in ADSIQ, heads of CNCA and affiliated institutes of ADSIQ and all of SAC attended this meeting.

During the meeting, 8 units made confenrence speech communication,32 units made written experience communication.


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