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The Revising Meeting of Banking Industry Standards System was Held by the Department of Science and Technology of the People’s Bank of China

2011年12月30日   Views

From 13th to 15th Dec. 2011, the revising meeting of BANKING INDUSTRY STANDARDS SYSTEM was held by the department of science and technology of the People’s Bank of China in Tianjin, which presided over by Mr. Jiang Yunbing, a director of science and technology Department. The “Banking Industry Standards System”, “The Compilation of The Banking Industry Standards System”, “The List of The Banking Industry Standards” were reviewed and revised during these two days.

The meeting reported the preliminary work had done and introduced the main content of The Banking Industry Standards System to the delegates who then reviewed the related materials and gave some useful advices on compiling the system normatively, narrating accurately, choosing practical and feasible standards,etc. Based on the above discussion, the three draft documents for approval were achieved.

China Development Bank, China Financial Computerization Corp., China Unionpay, ICBC, Agriculture Bank of China, Bank of Communication, Postal Savings Bank of China, Huaxia Bank, Beijing Bank, Tianjin Bank, TRC Bank, China National Institute of Standardization and the Tianjin branch of People’s Bank of china attended this meeting.    Tel:86-10-66199546
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