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Li Wei: Accelerating the Construction of Standard System for Financial Information Services

2018年08月28日   Views

     Under the guidance of Information Services Authority of the Cyberspace Administration of China(CAC), co-hosted by the Institute of Quantitative and Technical Economics of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the China Internet Development Foundation, “the 2018 China Financial Information Service Development Summit Forum” organized by the China Economic Net was held in Beijing on July 3rd. The theme of this forum is “Serving Finance, Preventing Risk.”

     Li Wei, Director of the Science and Technology Department of The People’s Bank of China, attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech. Li Wei pointed out that China is coming into the information society steadily now. The popularity of the Internet and mobile phones has made information everywhere, and information is changing people’s work and life in a way that has never been as profound and influential as it is now. And financial information is closely related to everyone and has received much attention.

Li Wei, director of the Science and Technology Department of The People's Bank of China

     At present, the variety of financial information has broad implications, and it spreads quickly and changes rapidly. In addition to government departments and traditional financial institutions such as banks, securities and insurance, Internet institutions and financial technology companies have become the new force of financial information services.

     Li Wei said that the government, enterprises and individuals are inseparable from financial information. Government departments need financial information to assist in the implementation of macro-control and financial supervision, serve the real economy, and prevent financial risks. Enterprises need financial information to assist in making investment decisions, help with production and management, and prevent financial risks. Individuals also need financial information to understand market conditions, assist in the investment and wealth management, and realize the preservation and appreciation of personal assets. Therefore, ensuring the security of financial information and regulating financial information services are essential.

     Li Wei believes that on the one hand, through the Internet with e-government and other means will promote government departments to open financial information timely,completely and accurately, supervise financial institutions and financial infrastructure, do a good job in financial information services, and strengthen the supply of financial information from the source. On the other hand, we must standardize financial information services through institutional management and standard system construction, improve the level of financial information services,  ensure the security of financial information.

     Li Wei introduced that The People's Bank of China is cooperating with the CAC to develop two standards of financial information services.It will promote the construction of financial information service standard system and ensure financial information services develop healthfully and sustainably.    Tel:86-10-66199546
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