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"Guidelines for financial industry data capacity building" financial industry standard officially re... 2021-06-15

Three financial industry standards including “Multi-active technology specification of financial in... 2021-06-15

"Financial cyber security—Guidelines of implementation for crowdsourced cyber security testing" fin... 2021-06-15

"Financial cyber security—General specification for security testing of Web application services" f... 2021-06-15

"Evaluation specification of artificial intelligence algorithm in financial application" financial i... 2021-06-15

"Financial data security—Security specification of data life cycle" financial industry standard off... 2021-06-15

"Personal financial Information Protection Technical Specification" financial industry standard offi... 2020-04-15

"Financial Distributed Ledger Technology Security" financial industry standard officially released 2020-04-15

"Commercial Bank Application Programming Interface Secure Management Specification" financial indust... 2020-04-15

“Banking Centralized Operation Specification” financial industry standard officially released 2020-04-15

"General Specification of Information Security for Internet Banking system" financial industry stand... 2020-04-15

Fan Yifei:Carry Out the Enterprise Standard “Forerunner” Activities To Write a New Chapter of Fin... 2019-10-11

Fan Yifei:Developing China's Financial Standards with a people-centered philosophy 2019-10-11

The 2018 Working Conference of the CFSTC and the 2nd Plenary Meeting of the 4th Committee were held ... 2018-09-18

Li Wei: Accelerating the Construction of Standard System for Financial Information Services 2018-08-28

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